Joining the bigger community

by Lisa Milstead

After setting up your account, and finding a few friends to follow, you are probably thinking, “OK…. Now what?” Now is when you start the process of digging deeper. It really wasn’t so long ago I was an ‘egg-head’ (no profile picture). One of the first things to make sure you have done is to upload a picture or avatar that represents you. Also a nice background picture. This can be changed at any time. Make sure you tell a little about yourself in the profile. This will help others to decide to follow you.

Now the fun part! This is the time to start searching for areas that you are interested in. Education, Libraries, etc. you don’t have to put the # (hashtag) in front to search, as you probably have already discovered while looking for friends. I really do have a pirate ancestor, so when I was first playing with Twitter, I did a pirate search, and came up with my favorite #tlap (Teach Like A Pirate), which may not be a surprise! That launched me into Twitterverse.

I will add some great hashtags and chats for you to check out!

Lisa @lisamilstead (aka #PirateLibrarian)


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