Media Coordinator Lesson Planning Templates

Here is a template that I received when I started working in the WS/FCS district. When adding standards, I also include AASL as well as CCES and ITES. I like it because it makes me think about every aspect of my lesson, especially the activating activity questions. Plus, if you have an administrator that is big on seeing how you incorporate Marzano and Bloom’s Taxonomy, it gives you room to think that out and record it. After writing your plan, it is much easier to reflect on the success of your lesson if you can actually see what you did in each section, as it’s broken down for analysis. I usually construct 20-25 minute lessons (some are single lessons; others are lessons in a bigger unit). I hope this is helpful.

For those that wish to have a simpler lesson plan that covers the basics, I have included that as well. Have fun planning! Enjoy your week!

Media Coordinator Lesson plan template

Generic Teacher Lesson Plan


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