Media Coordinator Lesson Planning Templates

Here is a template that I received when I started working in the WS/FCS district. When adding standards, I also include AASL as well as CCES and ITES. I like it because it makes me think about every aspect of my lesson, especially the activating activity questions. Plus, if you have an administrator that is big on seeing how you incorporate Marzano and Bloom’s Taxonomy, it gives you room to think that out and record it. After writing your plan, it is much easier to reflect on the success of your lesson if you can actually see what you did in each section, as it’s broken down for analysis. I usually construct 20-25 minute lessons (some are single lessons; others are lessons in a bigger unit). I hope this is helpful.

For those that wish to have a simpler lesson plan that covers the basics, I have included that as well. Have fun planning! Enjoy your week!

Media Coordinator Lesson plan template

Generic Teacher Lesson Plan


Attendance Sheets for specialists

When I first became an ES librarian on a fixed schedule, I looked and looked for an attendance sheet template suitable for seeing a class once a week. I didn’t find one, so I resorted to creating my own. Here’s the link to the template you can download and modify. I see 6 classes a day, so that’s how it’s set up. I also color code my days so if something gets misplaced, it’s easily returned to the right day.

First Twitter Chat

We had our first #fctlchat tonight. Thanks to everyone who participated and contributed to the great discussion we had on lesson planning. Crystal will post a lesson plan template she uses later. You can see part of the chat in the twitter feed to the right. Lisa will post a full transcript later.

Our next chat is 9/17! We look forward to seeing you then!

Haiku CMS

For this week, I did my lesson plans on Haiku and published them to use with my classes. I’m working on a video to walk through the steps I took. So many possibilities here for not only sharing with the students but also with the teachers! I’ll post the video when I get it finished. Hope everyone had a fabulous day 1 with the students!


Welcome to FCTL Social Media

On this site, we want to explore ways that Teacher Librarians can use social media to help us with

  • communicating
  • planning
  • developing

We want this site to be as interactive as possible as we analyze how different social media platforms can help us grow in our profession. Twitter is our first stop. Please join us as we explore its possibilities for librarians.

Join us for our first #fctlchat on 8/27 @ 8:00 pm, and our topic will be on lesson planning. Remember you don’t have to be present at the time, you can search #fctlchat on Twitter later to see the conversation!